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Announcing Your Pregnancy and Some Fun Ideas!

Sophia McCarthy

It’s happening! You’ve had a positive pregnancy test, you’ve been to your first scan and all is well. It’s exciting and a little overwhelming; you’re torn between wanting to shout it to the world or to keep this special news to yourself and your partner.

So where do you even begin when it comes to announcing your pregnancy? Every expectant parent is different, so the most important thing to know is that how and when you want to announce your pregnancy is entirely up to you and you should never feel pressured by what anyone else is doing. The early stages of pregnancy, while exciting, can also feel vulnerable and daunting, especially if it’s your first pregnancy, or if you have sadly suffered any prior losses and are feeling wary. There are countless posts online of people hosting elaborate gender reveals or pregnancy announcements and it can feel like you need to perfectly curate this moment, but you don’t. Your pregnancy announcement can be as low key and intimate—or as much of blazing fanfare—as you wish!




In general, we find that most of our patients are hesitant to announce their pregnancy until they have passed the 12 week mark—aka, when they’re officially out of the First Trimester. The reasoning behind this is that the risk of a miscarriage is significantly decreased after the 12 week mark. However, this is essentially an unwritten societal rule, and does not have to be strictly adhered to if you are comfortable telling trusted family and friends before then. In the unfortunate event that something were to go wrong with the pregnancy, make sure that the people you announce it to are people who would be supportive and also respectful of you and your partner’s privacy.




Announcing your pregnancy may not always be straightforward, and everyone has different familial circumstances to keep in mind. Check in with your partner, and discuss which people in your life may prefer to be told the news privately instead of in a big group, or who should be told first. For example, if you have a close friend or relative who has experienced miscarriages or fertility issues in the past, they may appreciate being told in private or by a thoughtful message in advance. Or you may have a list of people that should be told prior to announcing anything on social media, as they may feel hurt to find out in an impersonal way. It may also be a good idea to let your employer know that you are pregnant before they hear it from somebody else—particularly if you work in a role that requires heavy lifting, physical exertion or hazardous environments, as they will have to factor this in for your wellbeing.



Okay, you’re ready to break the big news! Now you need to decide how to go about it! Here’s a few fun and creative ideas to consider!



A lovely low-key idea for telling someone special in your life. Invite them over for a cuppa and a chat, and wait for their reaction when they finish their tea!

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This is a great one if you’re planning a Christmas Day dinner announcement or a reveal at a family gathering. If you’re feeling creative, you can buy scratchcard material stickers and create a pregnancy announcement surprise reveal! Have unsuspecting family and friends scratch away to reveal the big news!

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Okay, you might roll your eyes at this—but this is an increasingly popular trend on social media! And it doesn’t have to be a professional photographer (unless you really want to go all out!). If you have someone in your life who’s a natural at photography, it’s lovely to commemorate the moment by posting some photos with you and your partner holding up an ultrasound photo or little shoes. It also means you’ll have some gorgeous photos to keep as mementos of your pregnancy.



Another festive-themed idea. Have everyone over for a Christmas get-together and wait and see who spots the strategically-placed decoration on the tree first! Florentina Designs sell custom pregnancy announcement decorations HERE.



If you would rather wait until the 12 week mark to announce your pregnancy and would like some reassurance, we advise booking in for our Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan which can be performed from 12 weeks until 13 weeks 6 days. It also means that baby will be a little bit bigger at this stage and can really be seen in photos! Following your scan with us, you will receive printed photos as well as a digital link to more photos and videos to share as you wish!

These are just a few fun ideas, but there are so many other creative ways to announce your pregnancy! The main thing is that you do what feels right for you. Have fun!

If you would like more information on anything covered in this post, you can get in touch via or send us a message on our Facebook page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our website also provides a wealth of information on our various policies and procedures.

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