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Celebrating 10 Years in Business

This January are celebrating 10 years in business as Ireland’s leading private ultrasound clinic. Since Deborah Sudding started the clinic in 2010 we’ve grown quite a lot. We now have a team of sonographers working in 3 clinics across Dublin and Wicklow.


How it all Started

Deborah Sudding, originally from Cape Town, South Africa achieved her ultrasound qualifications and graduated top of her class in 2005.  After qualifying, Deborah then went on to acquire a Chief Sonographer position in a very busy ultrasound department in an academic tertiary hospital in Cape Town (Tygerberg Hospital) where she gained a wealth of experience.


After a few years Deborah got the travel bug and decided to go off exploring the world and later moved to Dublin where she accepted a job in St Vincent’s University Hospital as a Senior Sonographer. After a successful year in St Vincent’s, Deborah was then offered a job in the Hermitage Medical Clinic in Lucan as Clinical Specialist Sonographer of their ultrasound department.


Throughout her time as a sonographer in Dublin, Deborah began to see a gap in the system and potential for a private ultrasound clinic. She discovered that there was a strong need for a private ultrasound clinic in Dublin and surrounding counties that would help solve many problems that pregnant women face with Ireland’s public healthcare sector.


The Need for a Private Ultrasound Clinic

Ireland’s public healthcare sector can often leave women waiting months before they receive an ultrasound and when they do get their ultrasound some leave feeling let down and deflated as they don’t have much of a connection with their baby and can’t exactly make out the 2D ultrasound picture they receive.


Deborah wanted to change this. She wanted to give her patients the ability to pick a time and date that suited their schedule. She wanted to create a private ultrasound clinic where patients felt safe and relaxed so they could enjoy the experience to the fullest. 3D and 4D scans weren’t very available within the public sector at the time. 3D and 4D scans are one of the best ways to really bond with your baby and create that intimate connection with them. Deborah understood this, being a mother herself, and made sure that 3D and 4D scanning became more available to the Irish market. She is one of the few private clinics in Ireland offering mandatory wellbeing checks alongside 3d4d imaging, as it is all very well having pretty pictures, but if a wellbeing scan is not offered alongside the 3d4d scan, serious abnormalities can be missed. As a responsible healthcare professional, she never offers scans only for entertainment purposes. The health of the baby is the most important thing, and the pictures and optional gender determination come as an added bonus.


The Birth of The Ultrasound Suite

The first clinic was opening in January 2010 in the Bray Women’s Health Centre and was a massive success. Patients fell in love with the warm and cozy atmosphere that the clinic provided. It didn’t feel cold or barren like some hospitals can. The 3D and 4D scans were a massive hit with pregnant women and they loved being able to see their baby’s facial features on the scan as opposed to a 2D scan that they typically described as a “blur on a sheet of paper”.


Along with carrying out stunning 3D and 4D scans The Ultrasound Suite also follow strict best practice guidelines of the Irish institute of radiography and radiation therapy. No scan is ever carried out without a full medical scan to assess the baby’s well-being and ensure the pregnancy is progressing as normal.


Over the last few years The Ultrasound Suite has grown to be Ireland’s leading private ultrasound clinic in Dublin and Wicklow with patients travelling from all over the nation to visit and meet their baby for the first time.


Why our Patients Love us

As Ireland’s leading private ultrasound clinic we use only the best and most advanced technology to ensure our patients get the best quality scan and imaging possible. We have implemented a secure VPN and backup system to ensure that our patient’s data remains protected and results can be transferred to the radiologist safety. All our clinics are fitted with widescreen TV’s so that our patients can see their baby in high definition and in real time.


At The Ultrasound Suite we want to provide the very best service to our patients and only use the most high tech and up to date technology to do so. We also like to play peaceful music during our patients’ ultrasounds and create a nice ambiance with some mood lighting.


Final Words

We’re delighted to be able to say as a private ultrasound clinic in Dublin we’ve been around for 10 years and are excited to see what the next 10 years will bring to us. We have some exciting growth plans already in store that we can’t wait to share with you all. If you’re expecting a child and wish to see them a little earlier then feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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