3D 4D Scan


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Cancellation policy

* We do not offer twin 3D4D scans

3D HDlive technology available in all our clinics

16 weeks - 34 weeks, (best at 28 weeks)


No preparation necessary

Ultrasound report, 4 glossy photograph printouts in 3d , 20 digital pictures and 2 video clips sent to you via sms or email

Don’t hesitate to email info@theultrasoundsuite.ie if you have questions prior to making your booking online.

We care about the WELLBEING of your baby and never provide scans for entertainment purposes only. We have saved countless babies lives by doing this. We pride ourselves on being a professional clinic with fully qualified and experienced sonographers. We always measure the baby’s head, abdomen and femur, as well as check the heartrate, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord and placenta. Occasionally gross abnormalities may be detected at this stage, but due to fetal position and gestation, we cannot rule them out. We also check the presentation of baby (cephalic, breech or transverse) and estimate the fetal weight (after 20 weeks).

More information about the 3D/4D scan:

The 3D/4D baby scan gives you a unique opportunity to bond with your unborn baby during pregnancy. Time is taken to capture 3D baby scan images and 4D video clips– the fourth dimension is the moving part. We perform all 3D/4D scans using the latest GE Healthcare equipment – global leader in obstetric ultrasound technology.

The purpose of this scan is:

To view your baby in 3d and 4d and capture pictures and videos for you to cherish.

The 2d element of this scan is the full wellbeing check of your baby. This is not the detailed anomaly scan, therefore we cannot rule out all fetal abnormalites.

When to have a 3D/4D Well Being Pregnancy Scan

The 3D/4D pregnancy scan can be performed from 16-34 weeks. We highly recommend making your booking for when you are between 28-34 weeks pregnant as the pictures are usually the best at this stage.

How to prepare for a 3D/4D Well Being Pregnancy Scan

Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids in the week leading up to your scan. This may help increase the amniotic fluid around the baby allowing for better pictures. Feel free to empty your bladder before the scan. This can move the baby’s head into a better position. You can also have something sweet to eat or drink just before your scan to get the little one moving.

What to expect from a 3D4D Wellbeing Pregnancy Scan

You will be asked to lie down on the ultrasound examination couch. Some gel will be put on your tummy and an ultrasound probe with be moved over your belly to examine the pregnancy. The baby scan image will come up on a big screen television so that you can see your scan live. The presentation of the baby and location of the placenta will be checked. Standard measurements will be taken of the baby’s head, abdomen and femur bone. Some of the main organs that can be seen at this stage will be examined. The baby’s weight can be estimated after 20 weeks. Fetal movements and breathing will be surveyed throughout this pregnancy scan. The amniotic fluid volume, placenta location and umbilical artery resistance index will be sampled and checked for normality. Multiple 3D baby scan pictures and 4D clips will be taken of your baby throughout the scan.

Duration of the 3D/4D Wellbeing Pregnancy Scan

Depending on the cooperation of the little one, it usually takes about 30 minutes to perform this scan.