Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan


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Deborah explains the Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan

More information about the advanced early pregnancy scan:

Most babies will give a little kick or wiggle making this scan quite entertaining for the parents.

The purpose of the Advanced Early pregnancy scan is:

  • To check the site of the pregnancy sac (Is the pregnancy inside the uterus?)
  • To check for viability of the fetus (Is my baby’s heart beating?)
  • To calculate fetal heart rate (How many beats per minute is the baby’s heart beating?)
  • To check the baby’s growth by measuring the crown-rump-length (To determine accurate dates)
  • To calculate the baby’s due date (What date is my baby due?)
  • To count number of babies (Could I be expecting twins?)
  • To identify and examine some of the main organs in the fetus (such as brain, face, heart, stomach, umbilical cord, bladder, arms and legs). The normality of these organs cannot be fully determined in the first trimester – however, if an obvious abnormality is identified you will be referred on to a fetal medicine specialist)
  • To assess the amniotic fluid volume, placenta and umbilical cord vessels.
  • To examine for obvious uterine and ovarian pathology (please understand that visualisation of these structures is not always satisfactory in pregnancy)
  • Please note that this scan:

    • Is not the Nuchal Translucency / first trimester screening / Down Syndrome scan
    • Cannot exclude all chromosomal or anatomical abnormalities
    • Cannot assess placental location or function as it is too early

    When to have an Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan?

    We perform the Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan between 12 weeks 0 days – 13 weeks 6 days.

    Many couples decide to announce their pregnancy to the world after their 12 week scan as they have gained some reassurance about the well-being of their baby as well as having received beautiful pictures and video clips from our clinic to aid this special announcement.

    How to prepare for an Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan?

    Please make sure that your bladder is moderately full for this scan. You don’t need to purposely drink water before your scan. Just try not to empty it for an hour before your appointment.

    What to expect from an Advanced Early Pregnancy Scan

    You will lie back while the sonographer puts a bit of gel on your abdomen and then move a transducer over your tummy. You will be able to see the scan on a big screen television in front of you so that you can see what the sonographer sees.

    As with the Early Pregnancy Scan, there is a small chance that a transvaginal scan may need to be performed in order to get a better picture of the baby and to examine some of the very small structures.

    We check all the same structures as the early pregnancy scan which is carried out from 6 – 11 weeks and 6 days.

    In addition to this, we examine the fetus to identify some of the major organs, such as brain, face, heart, stomach, umbilical cord, bladder, arms and legs.

    We also check the uterus and ovaries for any issues i.e. fibroids, masses and cysts.