Gender Determination Scan


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Please note that we can only tell you the gender if your baby is measuring over 16 weeks + on the day of this scan. This is our firm company policy and we cannot make any exceptions. We charge upfront for all our gender scans. Our machines measure your baby’s size accurately, so if we measure your baby under 16 weeks we cannot disclose fetal sex, and you will still be charged the full price for the wellbeing scan. You will be re-booked for a follow up scan and there is a charge for that scan too. If you are in doubt of your dates, we suggest you book this scan for 18 weeks to ensure that you are not disappointed. Thank you for your understanding.



Deborah explains the Gender Determination Pregnancy Scan

We always provide a wellbeing scan alongside our gender scan. Some clinics don’t do this for their patients and we feel that this is a disservice to them as many details of the baby can be examined at this stage. We take time to check the growth of your baby by performing multiple measurements as well as examine some of the main organs. We also assess the heart rate, umbilical cord, placenta and amniotic fluid. Not all abnormalities show up at this stage, but we do our very best to look at your baby as thoroughly as possible.  

You may purchase a gender cannon for your gender reveal party on the day of your scan for just €15 extra if you wish.

More information about the Gender Determination Scan:

More and more parents are inquisitive about the sex of their unborn baby and we are delighted to provide this service to all patients who are keen to find out.

During this scan we:

  • Determine the sex of your baby
  • Assess the location of the pregnancy to make sure that it is the correct place
  • Check that the baby is viable by looking for the heart beat
  • Measure the heart rate of the baby
  • Measure the head, abdomen and femur bone to check for normal fetal growth
  • Identify some of the main organs to make sure that they appear normal for this gestation
  • Look at the amount of amniotic fluid
  • Assess the placenta and umbilical cord vessels.
  • Please note that this scan:

    • Cannot calculate fetal weight under 20 weeks
    • Cannot exclude all chromosomal or anatomical abnormalities

When to have a Gender Determination Pregnancy Scan?

As far as we know we have a 100% accuracy gender prediction rate over 16 weeks. We have therefore decided that this is a good guide if you want announce your baby’s gender to the world or splash out on the blue or pink! The sex of the fetus becomes clearer to the sonographer as the baby gets bigger. If you have the patience to wait till 20 weeks, it is very clear at this stage.