Late Dating Scan


Deborah explains the Late Dating Pregnancy Scan

More information about the Late Dating Scan:

The Late Dating Scan is a reassurance scan that takes place in the first couple of weeks of the second trimester. The individual body parts of the baby can now be measured and many of the organs can be seen.

Dating the pregnancy is still fairly accurate if you have not been able to go for an Early Pregnancy Scan. The baby is usually prepared to perform a little dance for the camera too!

The purpose of this scan is:

  • To confirm intrauterine pregnancy
  • To determine fetal viability
  • To provide accurate gestational dating
  • To establish an accurate estimated due date
  • To identify and measure fetal heart rate
  • To determine the number of fetuses
  • To determine chorionicity and amnionicity if a multiple pregnancy
  • To identify and examine some of the main organs in the fetus (the normality of these organs cannot be determined at this stage – however, if an obvious abnormality is identified you will be referred directly on to a fetal medicine specialist)

What to expect from a Late Dating Pregnancy Scan

The sonographer will put some gel on your tummy and move a probe over the skin. The image will come up on a big screen television so that you can see all the structures that are being examined. The fetus and its heartbeat are identified. The heart rate is worked out to determine viability.

Standard measurements are taken of the body parts. This includes measurements of the head, abdomen and femur bone in the leg. The visible organs are examined for normality. The amniotic fluid volume, placenta location and umbilical cord vessels are also assessed.