Follicular Tracking Scan

Tracking ovulation for conception (€80)

The follicular tracking scan serves to image the organs of the pelvis including the uterus, the lining of the uterus and the ovaries at certain times of the cycle. We perform transvaginal scanning for our patients undergoing this type of examination as this method of scanning is superior to transabdominal scanning.

Typical indications for this scan include

  • Infertility
  • Trying to conceive

How to prepare for a follicular tracking ultrasound

The patient is required to have an empty bladder for the follicular tracking ultrasound.

Note: If you are undergoing fertility treatment your doctor will advise which days of your cycle you are to have these scans carried out. If you are not under a doctor and not undergoing fertility treatment but just want to know if and when you are ovulating you can discuss the best days for attendance with one of our sonographers.

What to expect from a follicular tracking ultrasound?

The patient is asked to empty her bladder. The transvaginal probe is covered with a sheath and is inserted into the vagina of the patient to obtain images of the uterus and ovaries. This should take no longer than 5 minutes to perform.

How long does a follicular tracking ultrasound examination last?

The examination lasts approximately 15-20 minutes.