Thyroid Scan

Assessment of the thyroid gland in the neck (€140)

A thyroid ultrasound scan serves to image the thyroid gland. The most common reason for referral for this procedure is a nodule palpated in the region of the thyroid. It is a quick, non-invasive way of confirming or excluding certain pathology in relation to the thyroid. In most cases, your doctor will combine blood tests with this examination in order to come to a more accurate diagnosis.

This scan examines

  • The isthmus of the thyroid
  • The right and left thyroid lobes

Typical requests include

  • Query goitre
  • Query a nodule
  • Query enlarged lymph nodes
  • Query thyroglossal duct cyst

How to prepare for an thyroid ultrasound

No preparation is necessary.

What to expect from a thyroid ultrasound?

Ultrasound gel is placed on the patient’s neck and the thyroid is scanned with an ultrasound probe. Multiple images of the thyroid are taken for analysis by a consultant radiologist. The results of the scan will be sent to the patient’s referring doctor within 48 hours of the examination being carried out.

How long does a thyroid ultrasound examination last?

The examination lasts 15-20 minutes.