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Unusual Irish Baby Names That Are Making a Comeback

Sophia McCarthy

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You’ve got your scans booked, birth plan arranged and baby clothes ready to go. Now comes the tricky final decision: what are you going to name your baby?

Some people will have had a list of names ready since childhood for both boys and girls. Some will opt for traditional names after grandparents, or maybe the baby’s siblings have a few names in mind. For some parents, baby names can be an easy decision, and for others a full-blown family debate!

If you are considering naming your baby something different or unique, you’re not alone. There has been a renewed trend as of late in unique Irish baby names!

Irish influencer Lauren Arthur recently welcomed her baby girl in June of this year, and announced her arrival alongside her beautiful name, Fallyn. Lauren went on to explain on her Instagram that Fallyn is a name of irish origin that means “leader” as well as characteristics such as “strong”, “independent” and “wise”. 

Old Irish names can be so memorable and unique, and it seems that Lauren is not the only new mum opting for these more unusual names from Irish history or mythology. To give you a few ideas, here is a list of just some of the old Irish names that have begun to appear among new arrivals!



Senan (Alternate spellings: Senán or Sennan)

While this name can have slightly different meanings across different languages, it is commonly interpreted as meaning “little wise one”. How cute!


Cuan means ‘little wolf’ or ‘little hound’.

Odhrán (Also Odhran)

Most commonly pronounced Oh-ran. Seventeen saints have the name Odhrán.


Pronounced EER-lah, this name means “ruler” and belonged to a sixth-century saint and founder of a monastery in Tuam, Ireland.





In mythology, Banba is a matron goddess of Ireland. She was married to Mac Cuill, a grandson of the Dagda. Her sisters were Ériu and Fódla


One of the aforementioned sisters of Banba and also considered a goddess in mythology.


The Irish word for ‘Little star’!


The Irish word for ‘daisy’.


These are just some of the old Irish names coming back in to fashion. What other unusual Irish names have you heard recently?

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