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What We’re Doing To Keep You Safe

It’s a strange time for everyone in the world at the moment and we can understand that a lot of people are feeling worried and anxious about life going back to normal and businesses reopening. We wanted to create this short blog post to assure our patients that we are taking the highest standards of safety to ensure that everyone who enters our clinics is kept safe from the potential spread of Covid-19.


Booking Your Appointment

We do not accept walk-ins at our clinic and all scans must be booked in advance. You can book your scan over the phone if you call one of our clinics during their opening hours or you can also book your appointment online through our website here. Patients can now pay when making their appointment online with their credit or debit card securely through Stripe, alternatively using a card when they come for their appointment. This avoids the need for handling and exchanging cash when in the clinic and it will also speed up your visit too.


No Paperwork

Once you book your appointment you will receive a confirmation email outlining your time, date, scan type and clinic location. We will also send out a short consent form so that you don’t need to touch any paperwork in the clinic and proceed straight to your scan. Again, this means less transactions and creates a smoother, efficient and safer workflow for you and our staff. Before the day of your appointment, you will be sent a reminder SMS with details of your appointment included.


Arriving At The Clinic

We ask that all patients arrive on time for their scans. We’ve implemented a strict in/out procedure that is quite time sensitive. Once you arrive at the clinic we ask you to wait in your car or outside the building and to call the clinics’ reception before entering the building. With Covid-19 safety guidelines in place we have to limit the number of people in our clinic at any given time. Once you call the clinic the receptionist will let your sonographer know that you have arrived and they will call you up once they are ready. You will then enter the clinic and proceed straight into the scan room. We have this system in place so our patients aren’t waiting in our waiting room for any long period of time.


What to Expect

All of our sonographers will be wearing face masks to protect themselves and you too. We ask that if you have a facemask to bring it with you and wear it for the duration of your scan. If you don’t have a face mask we will provide you with one that you can keep and take home with you or discard once you have left the building. We ask that all patients entering our clinic respect the social distancing guidelines and use hand sanitisers provided. Partners are allowed into our clinic as long as they are wearing a face mask and use hand sanitizers provided. Unfortunately we are not permitting children or other family members or friends into scans for the foreseeable future.


After Your Scan

Once your scan is complete we will email your receipt to you as this reduces the risk of surface transmission. All videos and images of your scan will also be sent to your mobile phone or email address. Once your scan is over we ask that you make your way toward the exit of the building so we can prepare for our next patients who will be waiting outside the building until they are called.


Going Forward

We’ve implemented these strict measures for your safety and to also ensure we can carry out our scans as efficiently as possible and to help create a memorable experience for when you meet your baby for the first time. We’re hoping we’ll be able to lift and change some of these restrictions in the future but must have them in place until told otherwise.


If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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